Quick tips on things that help and hinder meeting productivity. Focus is on government.
Despite great preparation and planning on your part, meetings can still sometimes go off the rails. What happens when you do all the right things and then, due to things beyond your control, the meeting goes poorly?
Tips for managing unscripted messages from your body during meetings.
Adivice on managing nerves before meetings.
Tips for prepping for meetings with politicians
The elements of a comprehensive financial plan. How to manage debt. The benefits and pitfalls of loan consolidation. How to manage RRSPs. Know when incorporation is beneficial. Know the importance of your credit rating.
Why insurance matters at the beginning of your career. Determining what insurance is right for you. Looking at the options. Please also visit our Member Benefits section to access tips and information on insurance.
Finding the right mentors and advisors, The Role of your mentors and advisors