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Most LED lights emit a cool white light that is brighter and more likely to create glare than traditional lighting.
Optometrists practising in rural and remote settingsi may face a number of specific challenges.
The proportion of optometrists using electronic health records is growing. Electronic records offer advantages in accessing and storing patient health information, and have the potential to improve the management of patient care.
Optometric records are essential collections of sensitive personal patient information compiled to allow optometrists and other eye health care providers to provide optometric treatment, ensure continuity of care, and maintain optimal standards of care.
Evidence-based decision-making can be thought of as a process in which clinical decisions are made in light of the best research evidence, the practitioner’s existing expertise and knowledge, and the patient’s needs and preferences within the context of t
Le rôle du gouvernement fédéral dans les soins de santé oculaire et soins de la vue mai 2017
Federal Role in Vision Care May 2017
HEAL letter vision and dental benefits tax proposal Dec 2016
Consultation on Non-regulatory Initiatives (NRI) to Reduce the Release into the Environment of Food and Drugs Act Substances and Products
Canadians cannot tell how much UV protection a pair of sunglasses will provide by their price, colour, or by the darkness of the lenses. Consumers should look for labels that list the type and amount of protection.