contact lenses

Employees wear contact lenses in the work place because they allow the wearer to see more clearly, particularly if the wearer has issues with spectacle blur or visual field limitations.
Thinking about using cosmetic lenses to turn you into a monster, alien or cat for Halloween?
As we age, it is normal to develop presbyopia— blurriness when doing near vision tasks like reading, using the computer, or checking your cellphone.
This supplement serves to introduce the exciting, rapidly evolving time for the specialty contact lens industry.
A large percentage of contact lens wearers cannot recall the brand name of the solution they use to disinfect their contacts.
The information below is intended as a supplement to the training and instruction you receive from your optometrist as part of a contact lens fitting program.
Below is a brief comparison of soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. A thorough eye examination and a better understanding of your specific vision requirements will help your doctor of optometry determine the best options for you.
Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Be Safe, Not Sorry!
On May 28, 2015, Canada's 3 vision health professionals penned a letter to the Minister of Health, asking her to finalize
Contact lenses are often the first choice for visual correction of aphakic children. There are several types of lens that can successfully be fitted to correct ametropia, stimulate visual selecting, and maintain ocular health.