A majority of Canadians report they have vision issues and three in ten report no vision coverage
The research suggests that eye health and vision correction as an issue reaches the vast majority of Canadians.
Canadians placed the highest level of priority on the eye care of Canadians when compared to dental and hearing care, and a majority believe that both the federal and provincial governments should have a role in eye health.
A majority of Canadians support eye examinations for children before Kindergarten: April, 2019
Evidence-based decision-making can be thought of as a process in which clinical decisions are made in light of the best research evidence, the practitioner’s existing expertise and knowledge, and the patient’s needs and preferences within the context of t
Report Card: Evaluating Workplace Supports and Health Management
The overarching goal of the research is to understand the human truths underpinning Canadian’s attitudes and behaviours towards eye care.
Low vision rehabilitation research is a quickly growing area, due in part to the increase in the demand for services geared at older adults with age-related vision loss.
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