Health and Safety 101 Resource Book
Thinking about using cosmetic lenses to turn you into a monster, alien or cat for Halloween?
Infection Control Guidelines
Be Ready - In Part 1 we discussed the first steps towards preparing for emergencies. We continue that discussion in part two. At a minimum your Emergency Action Plan (EAP) should include the following:
Before you wax your snowboard and sharpen your skates, you should ensure you’re taking the proper precautions to protect your eyes from tough winter weather. Here are some eye safety tips you should consider this winter:
Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Be Safe, Not Sorry!
The holidays are a great time for getting together with friends and family, but can also take a toll on our health, even our eyes.
Keep Kids Safe  Important tips to remember to protect children’s eyes around the home:
The Really Scary Stuff at Halloween – Eye Safety Media Release
Halloween tips for keeping your eyes safe