Un impératif de santé publique
Better Vision for Seniors:  A public health imperative
Health experts agree that smoking marijuana can damage the lungs. The deleterious effect of chronic, frequent use of marijuana upon the brain is also well established.
One Page background document for government audiences on Children's vision in Canada
The article we wish to refute comes to a somewhat distorted conclusion since it relies on a partial and an incomplete review of the scientific literature.
Vision disorders are a common pediatric health problem in Canada.
Presentation describing issues related to children's vision and the importance of regular exams.
POSTER: A healthy diet ensures a clear vision for our future.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) wishes to advise you of some corrections to the bulletin that was sent to you in December 2013 with regards to policy changes under Program of Choice (POC) 14 – Vision (Eye) Care.
Vision disorders are a common pediatric health problem in Canada and the United States.1,2,3 (Appendix 1) It is estimated that nearly 25% of school-age children have vision problems.4-6 Despite the economic, social and health care advances that have occur